July 12, 2020

The cloud application modelling and execution language

The cloud application modelling and execution language


Cloud computing offers an adaptable pay-more only as costs arise model for provisioning application assets, which empowers applications to scale on-request dependent on the present outstanding task at hand. By and large, however, clients face the single merchant lock essentially, passing up on chances for ideal and versatile application sending over various mists. A few cloud displaying dialects have been created to help multi-cloud asset the board, yet at the same time they need comprehensive cloud the executives everything being equal and stages. This work characterizes the Cloud Application Modeling and Execution Language (CAMEL), which (I) enables clients to indicate the full arrangement of configuration time perspectives for multi-cloud applications, and (ii) bolsters the models@runtime worldview that empowers catching an application’s present state encouraging its versatile provisioning. CAMEL has been as of now utilized in numerous undertakings, areas and use cases because of its wide inclusion of cloud the executives highlights. At long last, CAMEL has been decidedly assessed in this work as far as its ease of use and relevance in a few areas (e.g., information cultivating, flight planning, budgetary administrations) in light of the innovation acknowledgment model (TAM).


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